Встреча-семинар 12 апреля 2011

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By popular demand the next meeting will be held in English! We are lucky to have Brian Hock as out next speaker. Brian’s presentation is titled: “Russia is not an answer; and America is not an answer either.”


Brian will be sharing his thoughts and ideas that he has gained through 16 years of working in Russia, including 11 years as a sole proprietor. He will be presenting his thoughts on business in Russia, and also business in general.



Brian Hock graduated from Miami University in the United States in 1994 with a degree in Accountancy (he later also completed a degree in History). Brian moved to Russia in 1994 to work with Price Waterhouse in Togliatti. in 1997 Brian joined ATC International as the Centre Head for Russia. In 1999 Brian was the Training Manager for Arthur Andersen. In 2000 Brian Started HOCK Training in Moscow. Having started with 2 people and running courses for CPA and CMA exams, HOCK has grown to include more than 50 professionals based in 5 countries. The professional certification courses provided by HOCK include CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA, DipIFR (Rus) and CIMA (Rus).  In addition to these courses HOCK also provides communication training, English language training, corporate and open courses, and also operates a Conference Centre in Moscow. In addition to providing live-taught training courses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus, HOCK also sells self-study materials for the CMA, CIA, and CPA exams. HOCK is one of the leading providers of CMA training around the world.


 Place, time and venue are the same: Hock Coneferencing, Krasnoproletarskaya St. 16,Building 3, Entry 8, Office 10, second floor, 19:00 - 21:00. Please register to reserve your seat and to order an entry pass.