Встреча-семинар 19 июня 2012

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Building your Control Tower - A Working Guide for Assessing and Strengthening Internal Controls over Financial Reporting 
Carl Burch, CMA, CIA  

If you work for a small or medium sized company you still have to know whether or not you have the right internal controls over financial reporting
(ICFR) so that the board and management can feel comfortable that the financial information they receive is reliable and accurate. This is
critical because this is the information that is being used to make both short-term and long-term decisions for the company. If your company doesn't
have the resources to hire external consultants to do the assessment then it must be done internally. This is the purpose of the lecture is to give you a
guide so that you can do the assessment internally.

Through Carl's work experience working as controller and teaching internal controls he has developed what he refers to as a "Knowledge-based" framework
for assessing ICFR. To describe this framework Carl uses the analogy of a Control Tower because as a financial manager you are trying to make sure your company's controls are keeping your company "on course and not going astray" - just like the control tower at an airport.


Carl Burch came to Russia in 1992 as a small business consultant for the United States Peace Corps.  From 1995 - 2005 Carl worked for an American-Russian agribusiness investment fund whose mission was rejuvenate Russian agribusiness. During this time Carl was director of a Joint Venture sawmill,  business development specialist, internal controller, and finally corporate controller. From 2005 Carl has been with Hock Training. Carl has developed Hock's CIA program, and also teaches CIA and CMA courses in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. 

Location: Hock Training, Москва, ул. Краснопролетарская д.16, стр.3, подъезд 8, оф.10.
Time: 19:00 - 21:00.  
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